Courier Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions (Driver)

VanCargo Delivery™ Independent Contractor Driver Agreement

DRIVER STATUS. As a driver who is interested in performing delivery services for our customers, you will be an independent contractor, not an employee. Accordingly, you will have no authority to act for or on behalf of VanCargo Delivery to bind us without our express written consent. As an independent contractor, you are not entitled to workers compensation or other employee benefits that we provide to our employees. You are also not eligible to receive unemployment compensation benefits through VanCargo when you stop performing driver services for our customers. You understand you are responsible for your own federal, state and local income, social security, unemployment, sales, disability and any other applicable local, state or federal taxes arising out of your performance of services

You are able to perform driving and delivery services for entities other than VanCargo. However, you warrant and represent that there is no conflict of interest between your performance of driving services for VanCargo Delivery customers and the performance of your services under other contracts for services or as an employee of other entities and will ensure that no such conflict arises when you are performing services for us.

PAYMENTS We will pay you a minimum of $15 per trip within a ten mile radius. A trip is defined as pick up from one location and delivering to one or more locations. Payments are made to your PayPal account and you are responsible for any fees that PayPal may charge for withdrawing funds from their accounts. Longer delivery trips will be paid at a different rate and you will be advised of the payable rate at the time you accept a delivery opportunity. Because you will be an independent contractor, you are responsible for ALL taxes on your earnings including Self Employment taxes, income taxes etc. VanCargo is not withholding any taxes from the payments to independent contractors (including any payments to you). All US payment processors, including PayPal, are required by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to provide information to the IRS about certain customers who receive payments for the sale of goods or services through PayPal. You can access your 1099-K, or other appropriate tax forms, from your PayPal account.

TERMS. You shall be responsible for providing your own vehicle in connection with performing the services. You are also responsible for all costs of vehicle insurance as required by your local jurisdiction and as appropriate for the delivery activities you choose to perform, and vehicle maintenance, but in no event with limits less than: (x) $100,000 for personal auto insurance; and (y) to the extent you are utilizing your personal vehicle in performing driving and/or delivery services, $100,000 per occurrence in commercial general liability insurance, insuring against any and all liability for injury to or death of a person or persons and for damage or destruction of property occasioned by or arising out of or in connection with your driving and/or delivery services to be performed hereunder, including coverage for losses due to theft, hijacking or damages in transit. You hereby agree and covenant to: (i) maintain all insurance coverages required hereunder, including on any vehicles used by you in connection with providing driving or delivery services hereunder, in amounts specified hereunder at all times from and after the date hereof until you no longer perform any driving or delivery services hereunder; (ii) upon our request, to name VanCargo as an additional insured under such policies; and (iii) notify us in writing within one (1) business day if any such insurance policies expire, terminate or are otherwise not renewed. VanCargo shall have no liability to you or any third party for your failure to maintain any such insurance